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Paiute ATV Trail Information



south of Circleville
Butch Cassidy, was he a criminal or a folk hero. Hard to tell when you travel through southern Utah. Everyone and everywhere has their stories. One thing is for sure. He grew up in a small cabin, just south of Circleville, between Richfield and Panquitch on Highway 89.
Butch Cassidy's Boyhood Home

Robert Parker, grandfather of "Butch", was a mormon emigrant, traveling with a handcart company in 1856. His particular company left late in the season and the snows of early October caught them at South Pass, near the end of the Wind River range in western Wyoming.

Parker was leader of the group and a strong man. He broke the trail, making it easier for the others to follow. With him came his wife and family of small children.

One morning, Elder Parker was found dead, frozen to death in his sleeping bag. His wife and oldest son, Maximillian (then just 12), dug the grave and moved on. Making it to the Salt Lake Valley.

Maximillian continued faithful in the church and helped other emigrants make their way from Missouri to Utah.

The family moved to Beaver and there Maximillian met Ann Campbell. They were married and moved to Circleville.

And from there you will have to read the volumes of books written on one of the west's most famous outlaws - Butch Cassidy.



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